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Whether you've been trying to conceive on your own or you've been working with a reproductive specialist, Jennifer offers a free 20 minute fertility consultation to discuss your personal situation and how she can help you on your journey to creating a healthy family.

Are you overwhelmed with all the research and decision making that comes with fertility struggles? Jennifer has many professional references to help you on your journey to conceiving and beyond.

Fertility coaching is about encompassing both mind and body on a journey back to ultimate health and wellness. Once this is achieved, your fertility will naturally be boosted and conception easily achieved. One-on-one coaching allows for faster, longer lasting results.

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Sometimes a woman needs the help of reproductive technology in order to get pregnant, and that is OK! You can reduce the typical ART/IVF risks during pregnancy and birth by supporting your body in the ways it needs most and Jennifer can show you how.

It's not always about us ladies! Men contribute just as much to conception issues and they too need to be a healthy player in the fertility game!