Foundations of Fertility: Boost Nutrition to Increase Your Odds of Conceiving

Updated: Jan 31, 2019

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As a kid, do you remember your parents telling you to eat your vegetables before you can get up from the dinner table? Yeah, I remember those daily arguments all too well and now it's pretty funny to think that back then anything green seemed to taste like you were eating a handful of dirt - no matter what you put on top to hide the taste. The not-so-funny reality is that many adults these days still have that aversion to vegetables - as well as most things that are grown in the ground and are still in their whole, unprocessed state. Plenty of people live their lives on the run and don't pay attention to what they are feeding their body every day. Cravings, mood, sleep deprivation and stress levels (among other things) influence our food choices.

So - what does all of this mean to you?

The bad news:

One day of eating junk food turns into a week, which turns into a month - and the cycle keeps repeating itself until you've gone years without the proper nutrition your body needs to maintain the basic functions - including fertility, which is the first of the natural body functions to go when you are seriously lacking in the nutrition department.

The good news:

Proper nutrition is one of the easiest Foundations of Fertility that you can start implementing T O D A Y that will make a big impact on your ability to conceive naturally. The trick is to create a habit of healthy eating and reminding yourself of your ultimate goal (getting pregnant!) on the days when you just want to veg out on complex carbs and binge watch season 12 of Friends. Remember that vicious cycle I mentioned above - it's easy to start, but oh so much harder to stop! Focus your food choice efforts on whole, unprocessed foods and eliminate as much added sugar as possible. Sure, it's going to feel hard at first because you'll actually have to think about what you're going to eat, but it only takes a small amount of effort to prepare healthy meals - they don't have to be elaborate, 5-star-hotel-ish meals. Think simple like seasoned, baked chicken breast, a large salad with balsamic vinaigrette and a nice big pile of broccoli topped with butter and salt - easy to digest (great for nutrient absorption), delicious and filling! That's it!

Are you wondering where you can improve on your nutrition and start on the road to naturally regaining your fertility?

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